Meet our Team

Church Staff


Chris Lawler

Preaching Ministry
Emily, Emma, and I joined the Catlin family in February 2017. I serve as the lead minister and I have a passion for preaching, teaching, and leading the church to be a powerful presence in its community. I really enjoy: Podcasting, working out, working on the garden, and cheering for the Bears and Cubs. 

Meet the team.

Ethan McGlumphry

Student Ministry
I have the joy to connect and teach the students about God and the Bible. I lead Sunday school classes, have Youth Group Sunday nights, and set up events and camps for the students in the Catlin community. Since June 2020 I first served as the Children's Minister at Catlin Church of Christ, but now serve as the Student Minster while still connecting and helping with the children! Almost the same amount of time I have been living and working here, I have been married to Hayden where we have been growing into this community. It has been a great blessing working with the staff at CCC, growing in my relationship with the Lord, and continuing on God's mission for me to love and introduce Christ to the children in this community. A few things to know about me is that I love any kind of games either that being a type of sport, or simply a board/card game. My favorite sport to play is Ultimate Frisbee. A few of my hobbies are playing video games, watching a movie/tv show, and messing around with my dog and cat.

Cheryl Liggett

Worship Minister
Worshipping with God’s people is the absolute joy of my life. Although worship isn’t just for Sundays, I get to plan what we do when we gather together - whether in person or online. Responding to God’s goodness, encouraging one another, and declaring the good news of Jesus are all part of what we come together to do and, lthough singing isn’t the only thing we do in worship, it is central to accomplishing those things. Dozens of times the Bible tells us to sing - to sing joyfully, to singpraises and to sing a new song. One of my favorite things is to see a song come together and become one of our favorites, something that is special to our CCC family!I have been serving at CCC since 1999 and I absolutely work with the best people in the world! When I’m not listening to music, practicing with our volunteers (who are awesome, by the way!) or getting things ready for Sunday, I enjoy being outside, walking, mowing, even power washing! I am blessed to have a great husband who works alongside me. We have 3 daughters and 9 grandkids. I love hanging out with my family: watching movies, sharing meals together, and playing with the kiddos.

Dora Crowl

Church Secretary
I have been the Church Secretary since January 2000. You won’t see me on the stage or teaching in a classroom. I work behind the scenes. During the week if you call or visit the church office, that is where you will find me. I answer questions about things relating to church events, ministries, where to find something, this list could go on forever. If I don’t know an answer, I’ll find someone who does. I keep track of our church database, communicate with the congregation in multiple channels including our website. You might find me on a Sunday morning serving in the production balcony, changing slides, or live-streaming the service. My husband, David and I have three children. Our boys are now pursuing careers; Isaiah graduated from Lincoln Christian University and is a preaching minister. When he was little, we would say he wanted to work at the church. He is now! Joshua is pursuing a career in music education and a graduate from Quincy University. He gets his musical talents from his dad! Cheyann will graduate high school in 2024. Who knows what life will bring to our beautiful Chinese daughter? The world is hers to grasp.

David Harden

Building Supervisor
David joined out team in 2017. He has been a life-ling member of our church family. He and Carol have 5 grown child and a growing family of grand children. David and his family own and operate the Harden Bison Ranch in Fairmount, IL.